E-Labeling website

User friendly and safe

The end-user can download the right Instructions for Use on the E-Labeling website. This website is very user friendly and designed to prevent errors. The customer can go through the downloading process in his own language.

The website is entirely web based: this means that both the manufacturer of IVD products and customer do not have install software.

As experts in Quality and Regulatory affairs, Qarad’s team paid much attention to security and data protection. Extensive validation ensures correct performance.

A powerful marketing tool

The user, who needs Instructions for Use, will land on a page in the house style of the IVD manufacturer. The customer will frequently visit the website to download the IFU and this means direct exposure of the products. Announcements of new products, a link to the company’s website and more can easily be uploaded on the pages.

www.e-labeling.eu - how it works for the end-user

E-Labeling.eu website

E-Labeling Services

  • Regulated
  • Lower costs
  • Safer
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User friendly
  • Multilingual
  • 24/7


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