Apart from his laboratory experience, he has a strong familiarity with statistical analysis from five years of hands-on practice with statistical software R on large-scale data and a certified course in statistical learning (Stanford University, 2017). He has also co-written peer-reviewed scientific literature in high-profile journals such as Nature Methods and Cell.

Bram joined Qarad in 2017 as Scientific Affairs Manager. In this position, he supervises projects that are focused on the assessment and documentation of scientific validity. The IVD-R 2017/746 has put a level of emphasis on clinical conditions not seen before, which necessitates a clear defining of the clinical conditions to be associated with an IVD device and a documentation of this scientific validity. This is where the service provided by Bram comes into place. Bram also aids in other documentation that relates to performance aspects of IVD devices, such as clinical performance. In his first year, Bram has written over 30 scientific validity reports and completed projects for seven different clients.


ISO Certified
ISO 13485 and ISO 27001


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